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"I've been taking the evening kickboxing classes for a couple of years and I've stayed in great shape. The best 45 minute workout I've ever done. Everyone is of all different shapes and ages, so you can work out and see normal people here. Family business, great place to work out."    - Myriam L.


"The evening kickboxing classes here are amazing!! Best workout & cardio you will ever get. Patrick is very knowledgeable and will help you achieve whatever workout goals you have! I wish I   lived in Santa Clarita so I could attend more often. Highly recommend this studio for people of all ages - they have great classes for kids as well as adults!"   - Nan R.


"I absolutely love coming here. I had a really hard time getting back into a healthy lifestyle when I decided to give kickboxing a try. I've only been with the gym for about a month and a half and it's like a family already. The gym is growing but everyone is so kind and caring. Patrick is a fantastic teacher. He caters to your needs and his wife Christine is always so warm and friendly. I recommend this to all my friends and it makes working out fun. No more lifting weights and counting reps."   - Mandi G


"Best Kickboxing classes around in SCV. Willing to help you find your footing and teach you correct techniques. I love this place and need to get my butt kicked again! Low price, small classes, instructors that care, and in less than an hour you burn a lot of evil calories!!"    - Rebecca W.


"So many great things to say about this place! I've been doing the Kickboxing classes for about a month now and have started noticing new muscles forming I didn't know I had :) Patrick is such an awesome trainer. He is super cool, funny and encouraging during our sessions. On good days, he joins in on the workout fun! His wife works the office and is super sweet. You are able to try one class free before making up your mind; I signed up the same day I did my class. It's just THAT good. Classes are small (for now) which I really like. They are super affordable too. Come check it out! You won't be disappointed."

                                                                                                                                        - Janine M.


"The adult kickboxing class is personally my favorite. I never thought I would go to a kickboxing class at a martial arts studio, but this class kicks my butt every time in a great way! If you want to burn a ton of calories and have fun at the same time, kickboxing is right for you! "   -Danielle P.


"I take their kickboxing class and it's amazing!!! Patrick makes the class so fun and well rounded that anyone of any fitness level can be apart of the group! It's an awesome go at your pace and strength level intensity class that I try never to miss!"   - ReaLynn K.

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