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Iron Body Kickboxing is a fun and dynamic fitness program designed for Real People looking for Real Results! Our program utilizes six proven methods for total body fitness that encompasses all aspects of a traditional workout without the need of weights or the gym. Our group classes are fun, motivating and challenging and our highly trained coaches are very knowledgeable and assist each of our kickboxers work toward their fitness goals at their own pace. 



One of the best methods of total body cardio and core training is Kickboxing. A recent study by the Harvard Health Publications at Harvard Medical School found that Kickboxing workouts engage your whole body and burns more calories than most other aerobic activities. Using methods of American Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Taekwondo, our Kickboxing curriculum was created by a martial arts Master with over 30 years experience. Using weighted boxing gloves, our clients perform various techniques on high quality heavy bags NOT people. The result: High calorie burn while having a lot of FUN!

Suspension Training

Instead of traditional weight training, Iron Body Kickboxing incorporates Suspension Training using the highest quality bands by TRX.  This revolutionary workout method uses one's own body weight and gravity as resistance to build strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, core and joint stability. This low-impact high-value method benefits people of all fitness levels. An iron Core is just one of the many benefits of TRX. This method can replace entire weight lifting session at the gym!


Arguably one of the most effective yet underutilized form of optimal fitness training is Calisthenics. Using one's own body weight to develop optimal health, strength, and physique. Iron Body Kickboxing uses a unique system of calisthenics that has been achieving amazing results for our kickboxers and staff. Our Calisthenic curriculum is exciting and provides techniques for beginners to advanced calisthenic athletes. 

Heart Rate
         HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)


HIIT is a form of interval training and cardiovascular exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods. One of the most functional methods of cardio, HIIT helps to burn more overall fat mass of the whole body. It also helps provide an amazing "after-burn effect" where kickboxers will continue to burn calories hours after an Iron Body Kickboxing class.



One of the most motivating tools utilized in Iron Body Kickboxing is heart-rate monitoring. Heart-rate monitoring allows coaches to monitor our clients heart-rate for optimal fat burn and necessary rest periods. This also shows our kickboxers their calorie burn in real-time, encouraging and motivating them to push harder than before. Some kickboxers have reached calorie burn up to 1200 calories in just one class!



Ask anyone who is on a fitness journey, what the most difficult aspect of their transformation is, and there is a pretty good chance they will respond "DIET". Well FINALLY, there is an easier way to change our eating habits. Our unique and straight forward nutrition program ACTUALLY WORKS! It is NOT a crash diet, restricting carbs and starving yourself for 30, 60, or 90 days. We do not use expensive and unhealthy supplements that can change the natural function of your hormones. It is an easier, step by step system that is actually sustainable and extremely rewarding. After years of research and implementation, we have created a nutritional program that makes sense and yields real results. It's a real nutritional program for real people!

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